Felipe Flores

Comic Book Illustrator



Welcome to Felipe Flores

Felipe specializes in visual comfort food. To a passive observer there are traces of 40's war comics, 60s Jack Kirby and 80's sci fi comics.The graphic, pop culture of the last 100 years are utilized and remixed. He uses mid century comic book/ pop art and mashes it with post modern collages, while staying fun.

Coming from the Orange County, Garage Rock scene Felipe began by making flyers for the local bands. Thier 60's inspired sounds were the antecedent for Felipe's look. From flyers he went on to design Album covers. When he finally sat down to start writing comic books he took the subjects straight from Orange County headlines. By adapting local scandals such as police brutality, false arrest and racism, he caught the eye of OC Weekly and was asked to be their political cartoonist. His self published works are self described as "The Existential Post-Crisis Superhero Genre", which is a way of saying theyre superhero comics that borrow from all era's while winking through the fourth wall.

Just trying everything has steered Felipe true. His work can be summed up as comic book but only aesthetically. He's worked on TV Specials, Ad campains. Branding, Social Media Content, Motion Graphics, Editorials, and even a few personal dog commisions for anniversaries. Yes, Felipe Flores can do it all

An Aricle about Felipe written by Oc Weekly


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